What are Farmhouse Style Homes? -

What are Farmhouse Style Homes?

What are Farmhouse Style Homes?

Farmhouse style home in Oak Forest

With farmhouse style sweeping Houston and the nation, many people wonder, “What are farmhouse style homes?”  Farmhouse style started from real life houses built on farms, so it is both practical and efficient. Made popular by Chip and Joanna Gaines TV show “Fixer Upper”, the farmhouse trend is hot in Houston.

Farmhouse style is essentially a modern take on shabby chic, which was wildly popular in the late 1990’s in the United States and Great Britain.  Like farmhouse style, shabby chic incorporates using old items in new ways, for example repurposing old doors into furniture or shelves.  Both styles also use a light color palette with a mixture of soft whites and neutral tones.  But, shabby chic is often cottage-like with floral accents, while farmhouse style tends to have sharper, cleaner lines and a more modern feel.

Farmhouse Style Exteriors

There are several design elements that differentiate farmhouse style from others.  Let’s start with a farmhouse style home’s exterior.  Typically the main roof line has a high pitch, and there are often smaller metal hip roofs incorporated in the design to add interest.  On true farm houses, metal roofs are installed for durability, and they are still often used for barns and sheds in addition to homes on farms.

Lap siding, exposed rafter tails and large covered front porches are also common farmhouse design elements.  These can also be seen in craftsman style homes, which can lead to confusion between the two styles.

Farmhouse Style Interiors

Farmhouse style kitchen in Oak Forest

Inside, farmhouse style homes are light and bright, with extensive use of white paint and finishes.  The style is often called transitional, as it blends traditional with modern elements into a cohesive design.  Traditional elements add a relaxed style to what can be rigid and stark modern features.

Farmhouse style kitchens include several distinct features.  Shaker style cabinets (often white), a farmhouse sink with an apron front and an oversized island are the most common design elements in a farmhouse kitchen.  Countertops are usually white or a light neutral shade like gray, and they are made of marble, quartz or quartzite.  Also, high-end stainless steel appliances are usually included.

In the living areas, farmhouse homes often have exposed beams on the ceiling and ship lap on walls.  Wood flooring dominates in farmhouse style homes.  Other elements incorporated in farmhouse homes include barn doors made, often made from reclaimed wood, and a mixture of industrial or vintage accent pieces.

Farmhouse Style in Houston

In Houston, farmhouse style homes are being built in neighborhoods near the city center. The Heights, Garden Oaks and Oak Forest are graceful old neighborhoods that have stood the test of time, so it makes sense that a practical style like farmhouse is popular in these areas. For more information about building a farmhouse style home with Jamestown Estate Homes, contact Melissa Arnold at 832-827-4454.

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